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Myers Latex Charm 4' 6" Mattress

The Myers Latex Charm 4' 6" Mattress is part of Myers' Collection of Twin Spring Beds and Mattresses. Featuring a Layer of more...
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Myers Royal Charm 4' 6" Mattress

The Myers Royal Charm 4' 6" Mattress is part of the Maxi Spring Collection of Beds and Mattresses. Closely conforming to the more...
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Spring Air by Briody Dorado 4' 6" Mattress

The Spring Air by Briody Dorado 4' 6" Mattress is part of the Spring Air Infinity Collection of Beds and Mattresses. more...
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Slumber Night Supreme Pillow Top 4' 6" Mattress

The Slumber Night Supreme Pillow Top 4' 6" Mattress, also known as the Balmoral Supreme Pillow Top 4' 6" Mattress, is more...

4'6 Latex Mattresses  Belfast Northern Ireland

Notable Products 

Derived from the sap of Indonesian Hardwoods latex mattresses have a distinctive, resilient feel and are incredibly durable. The aerated, self-ventilated open cell interior of a double latex mattress helps to disperse body moisture creating a consistently fresh and dry feel to the sleep surface. Providing long lasting support, and contouring to the body's natural shape, a 4' 6" latex mattress allows two people to comfortably share the same bed without disrupting each other.

Designed to relieve pressure points, particularly at the shoulders and hips, latex mattresses can help promote better circulation and aid a deeper more restful sleep. With enhanced breathability qualities, while removing excess heat and moisture from the surface, latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial.

The Dorlux Easy Rest Pocketing Spring System Climate Smart 2000 4' 6" Mattress combines a Climate Smart Cover with the Easyrest Pocketing Spring System with generous layers of Latex for added luxury.

Generally constructed around the latex core with materials such as memory foam or natural upholstery layers to give the bed a softer or more yielding feel, some models combine spring technology to bolster the mattress' elasticity and evenly distributing pressure for independent support. The composition of open coil or pocket springs with latex interiors will determine the tension of the bed and how it will feel to the touch.

The Slumber Night Supreme Pillow Top 4' 6" Mattress is sumptuous luxury with its 2000 Count Pocket Spring System combined with the latest Memory Elastic Foam and Natural Latex, creating the ultimate sleep experience.

4'6 Latex Mattresses  Dublin Ireland

Additional Information 

To try out a double latex mattress for yourself visit Dalzell's of Markethill where we have an extensive range of products in stock. Located conveniently to Portadown and Lisburn, once you've chosen your new 4' 6" latex mattress we'll deliver it to your home for Free, and what's more, we'll provide Free Pillows and Recycling of your old bed throughout Northern Ireland and Counties Dublin, Louth & Monaghan. We’ll even remove & Dispose of Packaging and place your new mattress in a room of your choice so you can start enjoying it straight away. Delivery is also available at competitive rates throughout the rest of Ireland. With additional discounts for Multibuy, and our Price Promise, you can be sure you're getting a great deal. Call, email or visit in-store today because we appreciate your business!

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